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Events planned for academic year 2013-2014

Construction is the creation of the built environment from housing and football stadiums to roads. It covers all stages of the construction process from creating initial ideas and designs, building the structures and maintaining them after completion. The wide variety of skills required by the construction industry leads to a varied and interesting range of job opportunities. There are over 2.35 million people employed in the construction sector, which is 8% of the UK total workforce. The construction industry is fast developing and there are plenty of opportunities for an interesting and varied career.

School Activities

CITB offers a variety of activities which promote construction to school pupils of different ages. CITB Construction Skills covers the local authority boundaries of Angus, Dundee, North Fife, Perth & Kinross, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. All activities incorporate teamwork, communication, using initiative, working to deadlines, numeracy, organisational skills and motivational skills. CITB Construction Skills do not charge for running these activities.

Wimpey Building Game
Timescale: 1½ hours, Year Group: P6 to S6

An excellent simulation of the kind of problems which
occur when translating the design for a building into
reality. It requires teamwork, co-operation, good planning and decision making of the highest standard to
succeed. The satisfaction of completing the project to
the clients satisfaction based on the initial specifications
is considerable.

Taylor Woodrow Tower Project
Timescale: 1½ hours, Year Group: P6 to S6

The pupils work in a small team of people. They are
expected to construct a tower, at maximum profit and
maximum height, in the shortest possible time, using the
materials provided. The tower can be of any design but
must be self-standing and stable enough to be measured

Morrison City Exercise
Timescale: 1½ hours, Year Group: S2 to S6

A stimulating exercise which requires teamwork, planning,
management skills and logical thinking. The pupils’
company has been given the opportunity to tender for the
Design and Construction of a new development due to the
proposed creation of a large ski resort in the nearby
mountains. They must use their skills as a team to plan,
design and construct a new city, complete with housing,
roads and services, in the most cost effective way.

The Giant Tetrahedron
Timescale: 2- 2 ½ , Year Group: P6-P7

A fun activity which uses aspects of maths, science and
teamwork skills to build a structure 4m high! Starting with
just wooden dowels, the group will learn to work together to
produce a geometric shape measuring 4m by 4m by 4m -
far bigger than any one of them could manage by
themselves. Aspects of maths, science and design are
introduced and revisited, together with lateral and creative

Bridges and Structures
Timescale 2 Hours Year Group S1 – S6

During this workshop the pupils work together to create a large, free standing, suspension bridge. In the process they encounter the different forces that exist in such structures. The workshop covers subjects such as Science, Design and Technology, Maths and English, it gives the pupils opportunities in the application of design ideas, co-operative learning, team building and problem solving.

Career Events

CITB Construction Skills will support and attend careers events, evening events and conventions at any time.
We can attend and host a stand to provide an overview of the construction industry for both craft and professional careers. We provide informative and relevant advice on how to become a construction professional.

Additional School Work - Presentations

We can deliver construction presentations on all aspects of the construction industry


This covers the professional careers within the industry for example, Architect, Quantity Surveyor, Structural Engineer etc. Timescale 50 mins.

  • Craft & Operative Careers

    These presentations cover the apprenticeship options within the industry for example, Carpenter & Joiner, Plasterer, Scaffolder etc. Timescale 50mins

  • Selection Learning Exercise

    We can run a presentation on the practice test booklet which relates to our (S.L.E). This gives the candidates an idea of what the S.L.E is all about and prepares them to sit the test for real. Timescale 50 mins.

  • Job Search Workshop

    This presentation prepares the pupils for making a job application, CV writing and interview techniques. Timescale 50 mins.

  • Mock Interviews

    We can attend the school and hold mock interviews with potential school leavers. These last approximately 15 minutes and at the end of the session we give feedback to the pupils. This will prepare them for their job or college interviews in the future and also for honing their interview skills.

  • Teacher Awareness Seminars

    We run ½ day seminars which gives teachers an understanding of today’s construction industry. It also gives teachers information about all the career opportunities for young people at operative and design and management level. This event is designed for those involved with career guidance to young people.

  • Journey into Construction

    This half day workshop prepares the students for a career in the construction industry, it includes career awareness presentations, preparation for the Skills Learning Exercise (SLE), CV and Interview preparation and Health and Safety in Construction. The target group is S4 to S6.

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